Foggy Car Window

Here's How A Sock Can Help Defog Your Windows (Photo)

| by Sean Kelly
Foggy Car Window

An incredible hack to make your car windshield defog faster went viral.

Many people across the world have the same problem when it gets to be a certain time of year -- their cars take forever to be ready in the morning. Most days, you can get in your car with no problem and drive off to work. But in winter, it sometimes takes nearly an hour to warm your car up and let the defogger run long enough to see out of your windows.

But with the help of a sock and some cat litter, you can get out the driveway even faster. AWM reported that the best way to accomplish this incredible hack is to use a clean, hole-free sock that is secure enough to prevent any litter from leaking out. Fill the foot part of the sock with low-odor cat litter and then use some masking tape to close the open end of the sock. A small tube sock works well for this.

One the litter-filled sock is made, just put it on your dashboard when you park for the night. When you come out in the morning, there should be no need to run the defogger and you should be able to drive off right away. The reason this hack works so well is because the litter absorbs moisture, so the condensation that accumulates in your car is absorbed by the sock.

Condensation, AWM explains, is more common inn the winter because the inside of the car is often a higher temperature than the outside.

The next time you have to sit and wait for your car to be ready in the morning, consider finding an old sock and getting some cat litter -- it will save you some time and effort in the long run.

Many readers were pleasantly surprised by the interesting hack, expressing their desire to try it themselves.

"Worth a shot," one The Shred reader commented.

"This is so cool," another added.

Another reader offered their own solution to the same problem.

"I have an even easier trick to keep windows clear overnight," the reader wrote. "When your a block or so from your destination, just turn off your heater ,roll down your windows enough to exchange the hot ,damp air in the car with the outside air ,so the temperature and humidity are the same inside your car as outside your car.  Next morning poof scrapping, learned that from my dad many years ago, living in Canada we know a little about clearing ice and snow off our cars."

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